Chatrapati Rajaram Maharaj

Chatrapati Rajaram Raje Shivajiraje Bhosle

Third Chatrapati of Swarajya and younger son of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. 24th February 1670, on a full moon night, Queen Soyrabai, Second queen of swarajya deliver a son. “Son was born named Rajaram” one can find this notified in “Jedhe Shakavali”.

Shaka 1591, Indian month falgun, on Rajgad, Rajaram Maharaj was born. While giving birth, rajaram was born downwards, he was born from towards the legs, this is consider as not good signs according to hindu dharm. As by this everyone was tensed regarding the birth of rajaram. In all between this. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj predicted “ If my son is born downwards then surely he will put the enemys of swarajya down”.

Henceforth, Rajaram Maharaj was not that successful in bringing down the empire of delhi but he was successful to put a obstacle in the path of badshah and he fought him successfully. During his whole tenure, he was successful in restricting the moghal empire.

Rajaram Maharaj was educated, he was able to write and read. Rajaram Maharaj was a cool minded and serious thinker personality. The military and strategical education of Rajaram Maharaj was conducted by then Swarajya army chief Hambirrao Mohite. Hambirrao Mohite was also Queen Soyrabai’s brother and uncle (Mama) to Rajaram Maharaj. After barve sacrifice of Prataprao Gujar, Hambirrao Mohite was appointed as the Army Chief of Swarajya. After brave sacrifice of Prataprao Gujar, Rajaram Maharaj married Prataprao Gujar’s daughter Jankibai.

Chatrapati Rajaram Maharaj possessed  a cool mind and serious thinking behavior. He tried to settled and run the administration of swarajya and he was successful in it. Personally he was very talented administrator, Intelligent Politician and was a man with vision and motto. He was very brave at heart. In one of his letters to his army chiefs he has mentioned a wished even to attack delhi.

If we go through the conditions then, It was Aurangzeb, Mughal Emperor was constantly on attack on the southern part of india including swarajya, No Money, Not enough army, and still this king wished to attack delhi. The Mughal Rule is one of the largest and mightiest rule ever in history, still this young king was ready to attack the throne of delhi. What kind of bravery he had!! Bravery, Political Intelligence all these good things and qualities came to him from his father Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Rajaram Maharaj also started the proceedings to attack Surat, third time but somehow this news got leaked and Rajaram Maharaj had to fought Mughals in Maharastra Only.

Rajaram Maharaj came back in Maharastra around 1698. As soon as he came back he completely changed his stance towards politics. Till then he fought the battles only for defence but later on he decided only to attack. Mughal army was not able to withstand against the Marathas as the King of maratha’s, himself was fighting with army, he was equally living as the army. As by assuming the warfare of Marathas Aurangzeb, Mughal Emperor later also change his tactics in 1698 and he attacked Maratha empire. To Protect the Chhatrapati, everyone suggested moving back to jinji, but Rajaram Maharaj denied this proposal and he continued the War of pride, War for pride, War of Glory for Motherland. He then attacked “Gadad” and “Varhad”. There is one noting of RajaramMaharaj moved back to Karnataka, but no further information is available.

Chatrapati Rajaram Maharaj, was blessed with two of most Brave & Intelligent Army Chief’s “Santaji and Dhanaji”. As according Ramayana, Bharat accepted the throne of ayodhya on behalf of Ram, Just like that Rajaram Maharaj accepted the throne of maratha’s on behalf of Shahu Maharaj. One can see this in his letters to his army chiefs. We, our Motherland is blessed that we had such a Great King.


राजाराम महाराज यांच्या दोन राजमुद्रा होत्या.
१) प्रतीपात चन्द्रलेखेव वर्धीष्णू विश्ववंदिता । शिवासुनोरीयंमुद्रा राजारामस्य राजते।।
२) धर्मप्रद्योदिताशेषवर्णा दाशराथेरीव । राजारामस्य मुद्रेयं विश्ववंद्या विराजते ।।

राजाराम महाराज जिंजीस असताना ज्यांना सनदा दिल्या त्यावर 'धर्मप्रद्योदिताशेष' हि मुद्रा होती .पूर्वी दिलेल्या सनदांचा फेरविचार करण्याची जेव्हा वेळ आली तेव्हा त्यावर 'प्रतिपत' अनुकरणाची मुद्रा उठवणे आवश्यक झाले, त्यानंतर दोन महिन्यांनी राजाराम महाराजांचे निधन झाले, त्यावरुन 'प्रतिपत' मुद्रा शेवटी केली असे दिसून येते.या दोन्ही मुद्रांचा आकार वाटोळा आहे. राजाराम महाराज यांची तिसरी मुद्रा देखील असून ती 'श्री राजाराम छत्रपती ' एवढीच असून चौकोनी आहे .ती राजचिन्हे धारण करण्यापूर्वीची असावी.